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31 Oct 2017

Russell Brand is a modern day master having transcended vice and awakened into his life purpose. In this painting VERITAS I have shown him, as he is in life, as he is in spirit: injecting truth into an upside down world.
I guided by Spirit to paint Russell as the Maste...

13 Oct 2017

When I am working on a painting I am moving with its message and energy in my life. I often don't fully realise what I am painting about until it is done;  it is like reading and writing a book at the same time, allowing the artwork to move through me and the medicine...

10 Oct 2017

The vision for the world tree painting came while I was sleeping in the forest of the Scottish highlands in August of 2016. While I was here I deeply connected with the energy and wisdom of the Yew trees.

This work was begun in November 2016 and it took a ripe nine mo...

27 Jul 2017

I began this work at the Maya Winter Solstice Festival from a vision I had the night before of a beautiful cosmic thousand petal lotus emanating the endless light of Illumination. It spun a galaxy from its centre, issued beaming rays from its centre and bore a serpent...

20 Jun 2017

This artwork is called Crowning Consciousness

Initial image came from two roses I picked from my garden and brought me into the heart space of Amma. Sometimes I simply so moved by beauty I took their photo and kept them in the studio and an artwork started appearing. It...

2 Jan 2017

This is a self portrait  I painted recently over a week as an experiment working with a very minimal palette.

I've had a vision for a while of depicting myself with long magical paintbrush fingers, painting the world into being, channelling and weaving with the gossam...

16 Oct 2016

This is the first layer I put down to begin my painting of the World Tree. When I learn it brings me joy to pay that forward again and pass the knowledge on. In July this year I learnt from Amanda Sage and Daniel Mirante at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art Summer Se...

2 Mar 2016

Although I have experienced glimpses of kundalini before nothing has so powerfully rocked my world as what I have recently experienced through the magic of Tantra yoga.
I came to tantra yoga at a time when my soul needed healing and drank in every teaching and experien...

21 Sep 2013

Conscious choice and awareness in the thought process is a stairway to the meditative mind.

The ability to direct the thoughts which stream through the mind at any given moment and the feelings which govern them is something most of us will do at some point during the...

24 Jul 2013

About ten years ago I dreamt something S u b l i m e.
I was in a timeless forest. Here the trees stood tall like Grecian pillars with their canopy spread over head, leaves shimmering in wonderful pearl-like hues. The path beneath my feet was gold and wide like a road l...

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