October 13, 2017

March 2, 2016

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January 2, 2017

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The IMPRIMATURA: Creating an Energetic Template

October 16, 2016




This is the first layer I put down to begin my painting of the World Tree. When I learn it brings me joy to pay that forward again and pass the knowledge on. In July this year I learnt from Amanda Sage and Daniel Mirante at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art Summer Seminar in Italy.  For me this introduction to mischtechnik was a priceless experience and it was like being given the missing Key to unlock what was possible in my artwork. One of the things I learnt was how to create a delcalcomania as part of the imprimatura. These are rather beautiful words for very simple things.

A decalcomania a technique which produces a visually textured layer from which you can draw our form, build on and elaborate from as a foundation of your artwork. This is most often done as an Imprimatura  which is essentially you first layer of your artwork forming a middle tone onto which you work tonally to create the under painting.

In the video above I wanted to share a window into how I laid the foundation for the my World Tree painting.
I Like to learn the basics and then explore and play with it, expand the concept and see what is possible. I had a very strong image of where the artwork was heading so it was easy to form the imprimatura to cater to that including the use of a stencil I created to outline the central sphere. In the end it was a little lighter than is practical but as it transpired it was perfect for the painting unfolded and allowed me to work into many layers.


The energy we the moves through you as a painter moves into your artwork, it lives, it gives it life, it breathes it back to the viewer ever after.


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