October 13, 2017

March 2, 2016

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Self Portrait: 1 Week, 3 colours and ... GO

January 2, 2017

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Crowning Consciousness

June 20, 2017

This artwork is called Crowning Consciousness


Initial image came from two roses I picked from my garden and brought me into the heart space of Amma. Sometimes I simply so moved by beauty I took their photo and kept them in the studio and an artwork started appearing. It was Amma offering the rose.


What I also strongly connect into with this painting is the Magdelene. The painting is a representation of heart transcendence and the new awakening it . I believe all relationships are lessons, no matter the nature of the connection. They start on the split line of reality and open up like a parabola or a horizontal vesica pisces and close again meeting on the verge, although we usually fluctuate with the bell curve like sine waves most of the time. Sometimes a relationship comes in to break you apart, just so you can learn to put your self back together. And piece by piece in that process you truly see all your pieces knowing yourself for the first time. The shaman must venture to the underworld before he can see the light. These initiations of the heart are, if we chose to transcend with them, are what crack us open to the light so it may flow more fully through us. Its like a rebirth and each time we are born again we see the world anew. We are somehow more than we were before, more whole for understanding ourselves in the process of destruction and resurrection.
This is the wisdom of this artwork. 


I have recently begun a Youtube channel and will be talking in depth about this artwork, its medicine, symbolism and creation there soon. Subscribe to the Ascension Gallery Mailing list for updates on videos, news and workshops and retreats.


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