October 13, 2017

March 2, 2016

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Self Portrait: 1 Week, 3 colours and ... GO

January 2, 2017

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The World Tree of Ecstatic Transcendence

October 10, 2017

The vision for the world tree painting came while I was sleeping in the forest of the Scottish highlands in August of 2016. While I was here I deeply connected with the energy and wisdom of the Yew trees.


This work was begun in November 2016 and it took a ripe nine months to complete. Taking me on a physical journey all the way from Ullapool to Mount Wollumbin  and an emotional and personal journey from not being able to get off the ground into ecstatic transcendence through art, tantra, connection and greater self realisation through the yoga of life.  


In order to create an artwork I have to be able to hold the energy of it. As it moves through me it usually sets off either an activation or a clearing process, often one followed by the other to allow the full expression to be made manifest.


As well as being a depiction of the World Tree, it is also a representation of the path of self mastery and the ecstatic state of transcendental bliss which we ascend into though this process.


When I paint I feel as though there is a blue print in the ether that is drip fed down the line to me so that each element goes in in the right order so as to affect the final outcome of the work as it wishes to be seen. With this artwork I had a very solid conception of the heart of the piece although it morphed the entire way through. What didn't change was the cathedral of trees around the Yew. The two central figures were initially the mountain in the centre of the world tree. And so perhaps they still are, the mountain as a bridge between worlds connecting the heavens and the earth. Unity at our centre of being and as a gateway to the upper realms.

This is a channelled work, as with all my work. So will be putting together a  video soon talking the meaning, the process and the insights and how to connect into these realms.
If you'd like to know when that goes online subscribe to my youtube channel  or sign up to the Ascension Gallery Mailing list here.




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