October 13, 2017

March 2, 2016

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Self Portrait: 1 Week, 3 colours and ... GO

January 2, 2017

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VERITAS: A Portrait of Russell Brand

October 31, 2017

Russell Brand is a modern day master having transcended vice and awakened into his life purpose. In this painting VERITAS I have shown him, as he is in life, as he is in spirit: injecting truth into an upside down world.
I guided by Spirit to paint Russell as the Master that he is and to share it with the world. He is here to seed  change by example into our global community.
Yes he has walked the labyrinth of addiction but my feeling is this and the desire for fame was part of his path so he could step into what he is doing now - because nothing says knowledge like experience and nothing gives you an audience like celebrity.

When I first meditated and connected in with the energy I was shown the image very clearly and almost immediately of Russell Brand injecting truth into the world.

I set to work on this part of the artwork trusting the rest of the information would come through. Once I had the foundations in and taking form I began to be curious about the top section. I felt drawn to create the vesica pisces of the two interlinking circles. The specific geometry is now not visible in the artwork but it is present energetically in the artwork and set the layout for what was painted in after. It would have appeared right over the higher chakras. I mention it because it the gateway and the download zone that is wide open almost tangibly connected to the dimensions beyond.
My vision when I asked to see what was here came as a myriad of faces moving back in two point perspective from the crown. They were formed of Light and geometry and energetic line work which flowed came from above and then flowed through his physical form becoming like coding  (I should really draw this out, it was beautiful to see). The heads I saw brought to mind the Easter Island statues. I feel more that each was representative of the different timelines, linages, incarnations he was drawing down information from, of the energy that is working with him in his purpose. On another level it is also speaks of the path of ascension. 
by this I mean-

I ascribe to the idea that we are a single point of consciousness experiencing itself as the infinite. I also consider time not be an external force by which we are bound or limited, I experience it as a property of consciousness itself. I do not, in the same way then, consider reincarnation to be a phenomena of linear progression but again simply as incarnation.
When you think, when you imagine,  or meditate, when you dream, remember or create you temporarily lose the world before you, if only for a moment. And where are you? And when I say you, I mean your consciousness - for that is what you are.
You are transported, to that time, to place, to the reality you perceive and resonate with in that moment. The same applies to waking life.
My conception of reality is: everything is

I do not consider any deity or human to be something ultimately separate from the self. I believe we are all individuations of source and we we ascend up the ladder of ascension we reunite with greater and greater parts of ourselves until we are as One. That is, we are all droplets in oceans of consciousness, no part truly separate from another, each inextricably linked.
GOD - yes god is within you and god is your creator self.

Stop giving your power away - step into your Divinity and see that same Divinity in others.
GUIDES, ANGELS, MASTERS - yes, they are you beautiful potential, living within you, beyond you, beside you, they are you and you are them. When we connect to these beings of higher realms as we percieve them we are connection to greater parts of ourselves, accessing higher octaves of our consciousness.
Once you begin to see the world this way  it evokes this enormous empathetic compassion for all life. And this is what can change the world. Looking into the eyes of another and seeing their humanity, their divinity in human form, not a dollar sign or a projection of your own problems

The artwork is Russell Brand. It is his energy signature, his life purpose and he shown as the master he is but it is also an interchangeable narrative and invitation to all. To step into your mastery, to be conscious of the self, to follow the light the flame of your souls desire. To come back into your heart, where we are all connected and see the kinship of humanity beyond, colour, creed or class. This is very idealistic  I concede, but this is the way forward to create new ways for humanity to thrive in harmony with eachother and with Earth.

In the very top of the artwork is what may appear as a shipibo pattern. I have not done ayahuasca so it was interesting when I started to see this. I was seeing them night and day every time I closed my eyes, always different, they opened like worlds and spoke to me in my dreams. I feel it was a  visual sublimation in depiction of the geometric faces. I heard from Spirit that what was depicted was a soul frequency signature.


Other Streams of information for the galactic minded out there:

 I heard he is a 12th ray (Blue ray) Delphinoid from Andromeda 2: An Adromedan ambassedor AKA a man on a mission


All of heaven is within you, look within for the answers you seek outside yourself. No external god, no deified lover, no food or substance can fill the ravine that flows deep within you. No revenge or control can safeguard, justify or mend it. That space, is disconnection. It is the illusion of separation. The truth is we are infinite and infinitely connected, we are one point of consciousness experiencing itself as the infinite. Step into the Light of your soul, the light of all that is you will find what you have been looking for was within you all along.



Your untapped potential is immense. When you step onto the path of Self Mastery you transcend fear and access the of you you kept shackled and hidden that longed for the freedom of daylight. Walk your Truth, express yourself, be fearless in your pursuit of the fullness of your self expression, of what lights a fire in your soul and brings you joy



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