In art & spirit we collide as one

Yami Ishlwra, born Elizabeth Edwards, is an Australian artist and mystic.

Her artwork is strongly influenced by her spirituality and life's journey. Yami's most recent works explore themes of transcendence and sublime revelation. Her artwork stems from divine inspiration in collaboration with  life's lessons, and the transcendental experience arrived at through her spiritual practice.

As my connection to Spirit and my multi-dimensional self deepens I have come to consider art as less defined by the medium in which you work and more so the artist as the medium itself. My inspiration is drawn from imagery which appears fully formed before my eyes and develops upon the canvas. The initial image which inspires an artwork is usually born in the dream scape, a spontaneous waking image lingering before my eyes or in the transcendental state of meditation. From this point they are channelled through me and I seldom see the final image for before its complete as I allow the work to flow from the ether into being. As the inception of the artwork arrives it is like being possessed by an energy which relentlessly desires the satisfaction of its own realisation.

There is a medicine inherent in each artwork invoked and imbued in its creation.  It moves me and moves through me.  As a channel, this energy flows through my brushes into the artwork giving life to a visual affirmation which lives in the artwork and transmits to the viewer. When I paint, I don't operate from a planned or cerebral place, it is 100% intuitive and guided, in colour, form, narrative and execution. This is the beauty of stepping out of the way of the higher mind, who sees all, knows all and loves all.

Although Yami studied a Bachelor of Fine Art with the Federation University in 2008 it was a seminar with the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art in 2016 which finally provided the tools she had been seeking to develop her artwork. There she learnt the principles of mischtechnik and in applying them in her practice over the last three years she has developed her own approach to the method which can be seen in the aesthetic evolution of her artwork.

Yami is currently studying Psychology at Deakin University and provides mentoring and instruction in oil painting and mischtechnik from her Melbourne studio.


2014 - MOSAIC - Melbourne Pavilion, Flemington, Victoria, Australia

2013 - SPIRIT - Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia

2012 - ET SPIRITUS SANCTI - St Mel Gallery, Daylesford, Victoria, Australia

2011 - THE FEMININE: INTERIOR MOMENTS - Red brick Gallery , Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

2010 - DREAM AND DESIRE - Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

2010 - VISCERAL EXCUDATIONS - Yarra Sculpture gallery, Abbotsford, Victoria Australia

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